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Our Strengths

People are our only assets
DACOCA employs many professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Management Post-Graduates/CS, Consultants and other Professionals. Together with its team and retainers– it depends on a team of 20 professionals at any given time to provide its full range of professional services.

We recruit, train, motivate and retain highly capable and sharpest talent, who bring quality in their work and deliver the best solutions. We nurture our people and turn them in to our assets. Each staff is provided with adequate infrastructure and all other modern equipment and recreational facilities.

DACOCA provides ample opportunities for career growth of every person associated with it. Every team member can prove his/her abilities and grow to higher levels. Apart from their own field, they also can prove themselves in other related services - which they come across in the course of their work - owing to a big range of services provided by DACOCA. Team is compensated according to their level and as per the local and international standards. Owing to the above factor, DACOCA has a very high level of employee loyalty and motivation.
We have a strict Performance policy and our people progress in their careers solely based on their accomplishments.

Our people are the brightest minds in industry and they blend together to bring about the stupendous power of teamwork.
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