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Audit and Assurance

Our audit and assurances service offerings are based on a complete understanding of the clients' business specifics, industry peculiarities and the applicable laws. The audit approach is based on the compliance issues, the nature and requirement for audit, the clients' requirement and key risk issues involved.
Statutory Audits
We conduct statutory audits for filing of annual or periodic financial results.
Tax Audits
We annually serve our clients in area of tax audit under various provisions of the tax laws.
International Taxation
We assist the foreign clients in entity structuring for Indian forays, transaction structuring, advising on the agreements and contracts from tax perspective, understanding and advising on treaty benefits, regulatory compliances and establishing sound global taxation policies.
Internal/Concurrent Audits
The internal audits are conducted with varying client requirements but essentially the objective thereof is to provide assurance on controls and processes.
System Audit
Process flows in an organization are mapped along with their internal controls etc. as part of an audit, other than checking into routine accounts etc.
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